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A crowded train

As you are aware so far everything in my blog was heavy stuff and nothing light. So it struck me “why not write short stories on what and how I see things around” hence this is my first attempt of this nature. Hope you enjoy reading it.

I was just out of an inter city train in Kuala Lumpur and needed to board another train to get to my destination. I had to run to the commuter train platform to board my next train.

I had checked the time of the commuter train leaving and hence I had 2 minutes to make it. The platforms were in different floors and I had to squeeze pass hundreds of other commuters running for their trains.

I managed to hit the platform and to my delight the train had been delayed and hence I had to wait. The wait was a nightmare as this was a 15 minutes internal commuter. The delay had caused overcrowding and hence there were more people than space in the station.

Just before the train arrived the security officers said “behind the red line” and everyone started rushing to these lines to board the train.

The train arrived and no one was in a mood to allow people out and everyone started rushing into the train. Somehow most of us packed ourselves like ‘sardines’ in the train. There was an announcement saying “be careful of pick pockets” and I got a little worried. So I removed my wallet from my back pocket and placed it in my front pocket to avoid losing all my bank cards.

It was very interesting to see a couple also get in at the same time as myself into the train. I am going to call them Sarah and Peter. Sarah was full of life and Peter was a typical boring guy who just kept quiet. Sarah was commenting on the others in the train. There was another couple most likely unmarried right in front of us. Sarah did not realize that others would also be listening to her comments and said to Peter, “look at the small boy she does not want to lose him”. It was quite amazing as the girl was a young and presentable unlike the guy who appeared scruffy but the amount of love, care or lust from the girl was incredible. She refused to allow the guy’s hands go. She held to it like life and kept saying things to the guy. Again Sarah’s and my assumption was that the young girl was saying nice things to the boy as he was smiling but did not open his mouth during the whole journey. So Sarah continued her commentary the whole way how dumb the girl was and to be fair to Sarah she kept me entertained as it was a long journey and I bet she not only kept me assumed but she must have done that for the whole compartment whoever understood Tamil.

There was another girl standing right in front of me and I will call her Shelia. It was the fasting month (Ramadan) for the Muslims. She had just bought her food for breaking the fast and the aroma coming out of that would have made anyone hungry. This made me hungry and so curious to know what was inside the bag but you guessed that I never got to know. So sometimes it is better not to find out so that the good feeling is preserved and not lost.

Next was a man screaming down on his phone saying “yes I am coming who are you” and this went on repeating itself the whole way. He did not seem to be bothered that others were in the train.

As I was getting closer to my destination the train was emptying out quickly so we had a lot of space. Sarah and Peter were still on the train, Now, two stop before my stop ticket inspectors boarded the train. This was quite hilarious to me. As all train stations had auto gates and inspectors and yet not only people had short changed the railways but had NO ticket. The question to me was “how on the earth did these people get in without a ticket”. The ticket inspectors were tough but extremely pleasant even to those law breaking citizens. The inspectors found a couple of offenders and asked them a couple of questions. One was holding a ticket for the opposite direction and he had the cheek to explain where he was going which was further on the route. The inspectors said “pay a fine”. He had no money .So at the next stop not only did I get off but all the offenders were reeled out and taken away. What a wonderful experience. What I saw in an hour’s journey was amazing.

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